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Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium Plate, Aluminium Round Bars, Aluminium Blocks Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Stockists in India

Inox Steel India is amongst the most reputed companies that came into being with the sole motto of being the most preferred choice of the customers. Our headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since its establishment, our whole endeavour has focused on supplying authorized wholesalers with the best quality range of Aluminium Plate ManufacturersAluminium Sheets Manufacturers, Aluminium Blocks Manufacturers, Aluminium Round Bars Manufacturers, Aluminium Chequered Sheet Manufacturers, Aluminium Reflector Sheet Manufacturers, Aluminium Flat Manufacturers, Aluminium Angle Manufacturer.

Our Products

Aluminium Plate Manufacturers

Inox Steel India is leading manufacturers, exporter, stockist and supplier of Aluminium Plates in Mumbai. We supply Aluminium Plates in different parts of India and export Aluminium Plates to different countries.

Other Aluminium Products

We are manufacturers of types of Aluminium Sheets, Plates, Bars, Pipes, Angles. We have types of Aluminium grades that include 7075 T6, 7075, 6061, 5083, 5052 and more

Types of Aluminium Plates








INOX STEEL INDIA is one of the professional manufacturers of Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Blocks, Aluminium Bars, Aluminium Pipes, and Aluminium Angles in India and other countries across the world. Its fully supplying channels offer you the goods varieties of Aluminium products such as – 7075 Aluminium Plates, 7075 T6 Aluminium Sheet, Aluminium 6063 T6 Pipe, Aluminium 6082 T6 Sheets, Aluminium 6082 T6 Flat bars, Aluminium 6082 T6 Blocks, Aluminium 6082 T6 Round Bars.

Aluminium is also known as aluminium in some parts of the world, so our product is available in different grades, including Aluminum 7075, Aluminum 7075 T6, Aluminum 5052, Aluminum 6061, Aluminum 6082, Aluminum 8011, Aluminum 2014 T6, and more. Industries worldwide require Aluminium Pipes to connect the pipelines. We are manufacturers of Aluminium Plates. We are India’s leading Aluminium Sheets manufacturers; our manufactured Aluminium sheets and plates are available in different grades and sizes per the client’s requirements. We have clients in 200+ countries. We have been providing the best quality Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Pipes, Aluminium Blocks, Aluminium Flats, and Aluminium Round Bars to our customers across the globe. Today, we are exporting 3 or more containers of Aluminium sheets, Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Blocks, and Aluminium Pipes to different and new clients around the globe.

  • International focus – our products are delivered all over the globe

  • Easy Order – Its very simple process to place order with us

  • Reasonable Prices – prices offered by us is low


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We provide the best quality Aluminium sheets, Aluminium Plates with in-depth technical information and quality tests that prove the quality of the products. Our mission is to make the dream of exporting Aluminium Sheets, Plates, and bars to all parts of the world, so no one has to compromise on the quality of their aluminium.

We offer on-time delivery of Aluminium Plates, Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Blocks, Aluminium Pipes, Aluminium Bars, Aluminium Neck Ring and more products in USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and other top countries.

We, Inox Steel India, have committed to a better environment and the best quality of our products. Our manufacturing technology does not harm nature and is always improving for cost-effective, high-quality Aluminium plates, Aluminum sheets, Aluminium blocks, and other products.

We promise our customers to provide the best quality Aluminium Sheets, Plates, Pipes, Blocks, Round Bars, Angles, and Flats. We will also take special care in maintaining the quality of our products through a well-devised & documented Quality Management System. We aim to have long-term customers. Satisfied & trusting in our products and our company that has and will keep them satisfied with our Aluminium Products.

An ISO CERTIFIED Company (9001:2008), Inox Steel India is a truly customer-focused industry. Certification is the largest provider of industrial products with the best quality. The company has industrialized quality objectives and work plans for a quality organization. We follow rigorous quality control standards by reviewing and nursing each production process.


Explore Industries we Serve

Paper and Pulp Industry

We provide to all major industries.

Instrumentation Industry

Various industrial products are served here.

Oil and Gas Industry

Major Pipes and Tubes are provided.

Food Processing Industry

Different Sheets and Plates are required.

Automobile Industry

All Industrial SS products are avaliable

Nuclear Power Industry

Stainless steel products are majorly required