6061 Aluminium Plates Applications And Uses

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6061 Aluminium Plates Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist in India. 6061 Aluminium Plates are generally designed for usage in high-temperature conditions. 6061 Aluminium plates have the best strength and resistance properties, as well as good machinability. At high temperatures, these plates have lower mechanical properties and tensile strength, while at low temperatures, they have high strength. At cryogenic temperatures of up to 1325 degrees F, it has good hardness and toughness. In alkali and acid conditions, these plates resist corrosion and oxidation. At the media and reducing environments, it possesses resistance to stress cracking and intergranular corrosion. These plates also provide resistance to [...]

6061 T6 Aluminium Plates Manufacturer In India

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6061 T6 Aluminium Plates Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist in India. Inox Steel India is one of the Leading 6061 T6 Aluminium Plates manufacturers in Mumbai, India. 6061 T6 Aluminium Plates produced at Inox Steel India and shipped to various cities. We are a well-known brand, as we are 6061 Aluminium Plates stockists in Mumbai. For our high-quality 6061 aluminium plates, we utilise high-grade 6061 aluminium plates as raw material, which have standard quality, high strength, and corrosion resistance. These Plates are very customisable and available in a range of sizes to suit each customer's needs. Inox Steel India uses cutting-edge technology to [...]